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Fixed Base Operators

Great Falls International Airport has two different fixed based operators (FBO's): Holman Aviation and Front Range Aviation, Inc.

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Holman Aviation

Holman Aviation Company
1940 Airport Court
Great Falls, Montana 59404
fax 406-453-7204

Holman Aviation serves commercial, general, corporate and military aviation. An ideal stopover on your flight plan, and located right off Runway 21, it is easy to access, offers plenty of parking and room to maneuver. It is also conveniently close to the airline terminal and U.S. Customs.

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Front Range Aviation

Front Range Aviation

4501 Ulm No.Frontage Rd 
Great Falls, MT 59404 US
Phone: 406-727-0663
Fax: (406) 727-9066
Email: mikefra1@msn.com

Website: www.frontrangeaviationmt.com

Hours Attended: 7am-9 pm Monday-Sunday
24-Hour On Call

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